Exchanging Confidence

Confidence is a strange thing. Some people have tremendous confidence and others seem to have none at all. Furthermore, confidence itself can be well-grounded or foolishly assumed. If confidence is based upon a proper foundation, then it is right and good. But if confidence is merely based on presumption or even error, then confidence is reckless and dangerous.

Jesus Christ is both an example of godly confidence and the basis of such confidence. While the religious and political leaders of His day were confident in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons, Jesus’ confidence in God provides an exemplary posture worth imitating.

Even more important, Jesus is the reason why any sinner may have confidence in God at all. Because He died as the substitute for the guilty, He has gathered into one all the children of God.

May we learn to trust in Christ as our substitute, and may we learn to entrust ourselves to God as we follow Christ’s example.

Author: marcminter

Marc Minter is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Diana, TX. He and his wife, Cassie, have two sons, Micah and Malachi.

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