John Calvin

On May 27, 1564, John Calvin died as a sickly old man in his bed. A sui generis Protestant Reformer, Calvin was a Frenchman who pastored in Geneva and in Strasbourg. Like Martin Luther before him, Calvin had initially set out to study law, but he gave himself to the study of theology after he was … More John Calvin

Should Protestants Still Protest?

This year marks the 500th anniversary since that fateful day when Martin Luther nailed a document, intended to initiate a collegiate theological discussion, to the chapel door in Wittenburg, Germany. Unintentionally (it seems), Luther struck the match that ignited a powder keg. Germany, Switzerland, England, Scottland, and several other lands experienced an upheaval of the … More Should Protestants Still Protest?

Thomas Cranmer

In the early-to-mid 1500s, Thomas Cranmer was the personal chaplain to King Henry VIII and the archbishop of Canterbury, the highest position in the Church of England. At a time when Protestantism was being celebrated and embraced in England, Cranmer was a political and spiritual ally. Cranmer was instrumental in England’s rejection of papal rule … More Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Muntzer

During the Protestant Reformation, there were many strong Christian voices urging people towards greater Gospel clarity and fidelity, but there were other voices as well. While the Gospel and the Church were of great interest, so too was Christianity’s relationship to the civil government a subject of hot debate. Some wanted to submit to the civil … More Thomas Muntzer

Martin Bucer

On February 27, 1551, Martin Bucer died at the age of sixty-one. While many leaders of the Protestant Reformation lived much shorter lives and died quite painful deaths, Bucer expired as an ill old man in his bed. Martin Bucer is a lesser known Reformer, but his kind leadership and thoughtful contributions were and are still … More Martin Bucer

Lady Jane Grey

On February 12, 1554, Jane Grey (a 17-year-old young lady) was executed by order of Queen Mary. Jane had been queen herself, for just nine days, but Mary was the stronger political and royal power. These two figures (Lady Jane Grey and Queen Mary) are important in history. Queen Mary was the Roman Catholic monarch … More Lady Jane Grey