Pastoral Counsel on Bible Translation Questions

On my blog, I have posted a series of Q & A’s regarding Bible translation questions (“Simple A’s for Common Bible Translation Q’s“). This series is meant to be an introduction, only simple answers to some common questions, but I thought it would be helpful to throw out some more extensive help. Since there are others who are much more capable than I in this area of study, and since I have benefitted from the work of others, I am happy to share these with you.

These are some good resources for anyone interested in more deeply investigating Bible compilation, translation, and textual critical matters.

How We Got the Bible” by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

This author is easy to read, and his material is great. This will be a great introduction to the topics of canon, the reliability of the biblical text, and the accuracy of the Bible we have today.

Scripture Alone” by Dr. James White

This author is also easy to read, but he will also bring added technical analysis to the reader. Dr. White is a strong defender of orthodox, conservative Christianity at a high level of academia. This will be a great introduction to understanding the Bible’s authority, in addition to its accuracy and authenticity.

The Question of Canon” and “Canon Revisited” by Dr. Michael Kruger

This author is for more proficient readers, and his work is some of the best in this field. This book will also delve deeply into the issues of biblical authority, reliability, and (of course) canonicity. A fresh voice with a sharp mind grounded in historical and authentic Christianity, Dr. Kruger’s work will be a great benefit to anyone who takes the time to read it.

The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust Modern Translations?” by Dr. James White

As noted above, Dr. White is both technical and easier to read than many scholars. While this book is particularly addressing textual issues related to the King James translation of Scripture, Dr. White engages in textual criticism at a good pace here. Textual criticism can be an intimidating and vast area of study, but this book is a great place to start.

New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties” by Gleason Archer

Every diligent Bible student is going to eventually come across verses and/or passages that are difficult to reconcile. This is a great book to have on hand as you arrive upon those difficulties. While wrestling with the Scriptures in community and fellowship with other believers is the best way to grow in biblical maturity, it is nice to eventually be able to look up the right answer somewhere. This is that kind of book.

I hope these will be a benefit to you.

May God grant us grace and wisdom as we seek to know and love Him better through His magnificent word.

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