Help me Live as You have called Me

The Valley of Vision is a collection of old prayers that exemplify intentionality, passion, and a Bible-focus in prayer. The language can seem foreign to modern readers since it resembles a loftier tongue of days gone by. And yet, the content of these prayers is of such high quality that modern Christians will no doubt benefit from such examples.

Here is how I prayed, in my own words, the prayer entitled “Vocation [or Calling].”

My God and Father in heaven,

You have placed my in the church, which Your Son purchased by His own blood. Add grace to grace that I may live worthy of my calling into Your family.

I am a voyager across life’s ocean. May You keep me safe in troubled waters, like You preserved Noah in the ark of Your salvation; and may You bring me into the harbor of Your eternal rest.

I am a tree in the vineyard You have planted. Grant that I would not be fruitless, with worthless leaves and wild grapes. Prune my useless branches, and water me with the dew of Your blessings.

I am part of the Lamb’s bride, the church. Help me to be true, faithful, chaste, loving, pure, and devoted. Keep me from giving in to any strong affection I have for the things of this world.

May I live high above a love of temporal things, and may I be drawn to those things that are holy, clean, unblemished, and set apart by Your grace.

May I be fully satisfied in Your love, joyful in Your glory, guided by Your rules, and restful in the shadow of Christ’s cross.

Oh God, You know that my heart is not always a flame of adoring love, but help me find hope and rest in Your Son’s redemption and the promise that one day I shall be free from those things that now hinder and distract me.

I look forward to the days of heaven, where no fatigue shall overcome me, no guilt shall overwhelm me, and no doubt shall overpower me.

I look forward to those days when I shall never grow tired and never run out of time to worship and honor You.

Father, in the mean time, will You keep my mind and soul comforted and focused with these thoughts?

May You make me the shining light You’ve called me to be, as I await the day when darkness shall be no more.

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