FBCD Family Worship Guide 04/12/2020

FBC Diana members,

I want to encourage you to take time for Bible reading and study, prayer, and singing again this Sunday. Regular family and/or personal time devoted to such things is critical to our growth as Christians. You may use any structure that seems appropriate for you and/or your family, but I recommend following the outline below.

Scripture Reading

Read Exodus 12 aloud.


Thanks/Praise. What do you see in Exodus 12 as a reason to praise or thank God? What specifically about God’s character or action is praiseworthy from this passage?

Confession. Think of ways you and others might have sinned this previous week. Think of specific ways sin was expressed in your home, in family life together, on your job, in your neighborhood, and in your community.  

Supplication. Here are some topics you might consider praying about:

  1. Pray for widows and widowers among our church family and in our community.
  2. Pray for those who are fainthearted and/or discouraged.
  3. Pray for those who seem to be losing their battle against sin in their lives – pray for conviction, for strength, and for humility to reach out for accountability.
  4. Pray for our governmental leaders to wisely work to preserve and protect life.
  5. Pray for those who are working more hours and under more stress during the pandemic. Also, pray for those who are under more stress because of working fewer hours during this time.
  6. Pray that parents would disciple their children well, that husbands would lead their wives in Bible reading and prayer, and that singles would be welcomed into the discipleship activities of Christian families.
  7. Pray for God’s financial provision for our individual members and our church.

Discussion Questions

You might spend some time simply thinking and talking through Exodus 12. And you might also use the following questions to help guide your thoughts and discussion.

  1. What is Exodus 12 all about?
  2. Based on the beginning and ending verses of Exodus 12, how significant is this event to the history of the people of Israel? Explain.
  3. Specifically, what did God command His people to do on this first Passover (see verses 3-11)?
  4. What did God promise to do during this Passover night (see verses 12-13)?
  5. What was or were the distinctive mark(s) of those who were spared from God’s judgment on that Passover night?
  6. What does this show us about God’s judgment against sinners and His salvation for those upon whom He has lavished His grace?
  7. Why did God tell His people to continue an annual memorial of the Passover throughout their generations (see verses 24-27)?
  8. How might this instruct us about the responsibility God’s people always have to hand-down or pass along the meaning (and not just the practice) of religious activities?
  9. What might we learn from considering the specificity with which God commanded the people to observe the annual Passover? In other words, how might this affect the way we think about all religious activities (such as a Sunday church gathering, or baptism, or the Lord’s Supper)?
  10. How does the explanation of Israel’s departure from Exodus show God’s faithfulness to His promises (see Ex. 12:36 and Ex. 3:19-22; also see Ex. 12:40-41 and Gen. 15:13-14)?
  11. Read Luke 22:1-20. How does this passage scoop up the imagery of Exodus 12 and apply it to the person and work of Jesus Christ?
    1. How does this passage help us understand what it means that Jesus is the ultimate “Passover Lamb”?
    2. What judgment from God “passes over” those who trust in Christ?
  12. Read Luke 24:1-27. How does this passage help us understand the movement and aim of the whole Bible (including the Passover in Exodus 12) toward the events of Jesus death and resurrection?
  13. Do you think the death and resurrection of Jesus is central to the meaning, benefit, and hope of Christianity? Why or why not?

Songs to Sing

Click on the links below to view lyrics, download song sheets, and/or listen to song audio.

Jesus, Thank You

Come, Behold the Wondrous Mystery

Behold Our God

O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer

Scripture Reading

Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 aloud.


Thanks/Praise. Offer thanks and praise to God for specific things that come to your mind today… maybe from recent personal experience or maybe from something in the Scripture or the songs or your discussion with others today.

Marc Minter is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Diana, TX. He and his wife, Cassie, have two sons, Micah and Malachi.

Connect with Marc on Twitter or Facebook.

Author: marcminter

Marc Minter is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Diana, TX. He and his wife, Cassie, have two sons, Micah and Malachi.

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