All is from God

A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven” (Jn. 3:27).

What do you have that is not from God?

The Bible answers, “Ultimately, absolutely nothing.”

Your response to this may vary. Some may be thinking about good things for which they should be grateful. Others may reminisce over fond memories of past blessings. Still, others may recoil at the thought of their trials, pains, and obstacles having come from God. Whatever your immediate response, consider with me the profound comfort we may find in this truth.

First, meaning for the past. Since nothing has come to you that is not from God, you can know that there is meaning and purpose in all that you have experienced. This is a particular comfort to Christians, because we may also know that God is working in all things to bring about our good (sanctification, holiness, joy, and more [Rom. 8:28]). You haven’t gone through anything for nothing.

Second, trust in the present. Since nothing you are facing now is outside of God’s good design, you can trust Him in the midst of the storm. The Christian is not left to wander alone through the trials of life, but he/she can (and should) find great comfort in the reality that God is in control and He is near. This is, in fact, what Jesus prayed for His followers, not that we would avoid suffering in this world, but that God would be with us in and through it (John 17:14-21).

Third, hope for the future. Since nothing will ever come to you that is not from God, you can know that all God has promised will most certainly come to pass. While the sovereignty of God may cause many questions to arise in our minds, the most important thing such a concept should do is bring us great hope. I am not talking about wishful thinking… I am talking about hope in the way the Bible uses the term. The Bible says every Christian enjoys the “hope of eternal life, which God, who never lies, promised before the ages began” (Titus 1:2).

May God comfort your heart and mind today with this fact… “A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven” (Jn. 3:27).

Author: marcminter

Marc Minter is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Diana, TX. He and his wife, Cassie, have two sons, Micah and Malachi.

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